TechBrise Solution Private Limited is hereby identified as “Company.” The purchase of any service provided by the company is hereby identified as “Customer.”

Product Purchases

  • Any type of software (plugin, extension, module, etc.) purchases include one year of free upgrades and support of 8 hours.
  • Renew the software license for further support and updates.

Project & Support Package Purchases

  • At the start of any work Customer must
    • Signed agreement with Company.
    • Provide Company access to all data, media, software, and hardware for Company to perform its tasks according to this agreement.
  • The Customer should send feedback with appropriate comments and enough detailed information to reproduce issues within 3-business days of Company’s review request.
  • The Customer acknowledges automatic acceptance of implemented resolutions after 5-business days of no feedback.

Payment Terms

  • Payments accepted via
    • Credit Card
    • PayPal (
    • Wire transfer
  • Invoices for Services rendered are prepared monthly.
  • Invoice payments are due immediately.
  • Payment currency is US dollars.
  • Invoices sent via email to Customer